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The distinction between hard and soft materials for non-wove

 Non-woven fabric bags can be divided into many kinds of fabrics, including new materials, common materials, peritoneum and so on. However, in terms of the sense of hand, it is the difference between hard and soft materials. Today, the non-woven bag manufacturer has made a comparison between the hard materials and the soft materials. In non-woven bags, the hard material is more, in fact, the fabric should be soft or hard to be achieved by controlling the temperature in the process of production. The material that is high in temperature will be soft, but it will be harder.

Soft material feels soft, close to the real knitted fabric, the fabric has good toughness, strong tension, not easy to tear, but the fabric is soft and the feeling will be very thin. After the cloth is made hard, the cloth feels a lot thicker, and many bad non-woven bag manufacturers use this to cut corners. Because the non-woven fabric is also produced by plastic pellets, if it is too hard, the tension is obviously not good, and it is very easy to break.
Therefore, the customer should first position the requirements of the non-woven bag when making the non-woven bag, and if they value the feeling and appearance, they should make hard fabrics. It would be better if the weight and pull of the non-woven bag were more important than the soft material.
Non-woven bag, on the whole, no matter the material is hard or soft material, it is not perfect, but they still have their own characteristics, from a practical application point of view, both no is good or bad, can only say that is more suitable for what kind of application.
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