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Non-woven green bag use and cleaning.

 Because non-woven fabrics have excellent performance in many functions, they are widely used, and can be divided into: 1.

2. Leather, non-woven cloth for shoes;
3. Home decoration, household non-woven fabric;
4. Non-woven medical treatment;
5. The filter material is non-woven;
6. Non-woven industrial fabrics;
7. Non-woven fabric for automobile industry;
8. Acupuncture non-woven fabric: it is a kind of dry non-woven fabric. The needle-punched non-woven fabric is used to use the puncture effect of the needle to reinforce the fluffy fiber net into cloth. The production method is simple and reasonable, the product strength is high, and its appearance and performance are improved. Acupuncture non-woven fabric: its main component is polyester staple fiber and polypropylene fiber. Non-woven fabrics for packaging;
9. Non-woven fabrics for agriculture and horticulture;
10. Military, the defense industry USES non-woven fabrics;
11. Non-woven fabrics are used in other industries.
Do non-woven bags need cleaning?
Most people use the non-woven fabric is not to clean it again before, can we all feel no fear, the bag looks not very dirty, but aren't really dirty, our naked eye can see those bacteria, non-woven fabric is made of fiber is known to all, like this kind of fibre products have a lot of small holes, the hole is the place that bacteria are most likely to accumulate, we usually invisible to the naked eye, but not on behalf of non-woven bag is clean (a joint universities in the United States in 2010 found that 50% of the bag containing the fecal coliform), it doesn't matter if you are some of the things that's nothing, but if it is put some food and supplies, by bacteria on the bag contact so is likely to cause harm to your body. Therefore, for the sake of health, we should always wash the non-woven bags, wash them in the sun, and keep them in dry and ventilated places, so as to avoid more bacteria. It's a bit of a problem, but it's nothing compared to our health. Of course it's not just non-woven bags. We should keep everything clean and clean, because germs are everywhere.
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