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The wool felt cloth factory introduces the color felt.

 Color felt is at present in the human history the most ancient form of textiles, history can be traced back to at least 6500 BC, at least eight thousand years of history, belong to the form of non woven fabric, than textile, knitting technology such as earlier is used by the human. The wool is soft and strong, the fiber is flexible and comfortable, and it has good reducing property. Because wool felt product fold hind, can reply original form very quickly, not easy to deform. Plus its fiber structure can be tightly knotted, its strong and tough characteristics do not need to be made through knitting, sewing and other processing, can be fully integrated.

The wool felt is used to treat wool and fibrous material in different colors. Wool felt is the thing after the wool "felt". According to the different principle, the wool felting process is divided into two kinds (P6-P7). The surface of the soft wool is covered with a lot of scales that we can't see, and when these scales meet hot water, they open and stand up. If it is pressed, rubbed and rubbed by external forces, the scales will tangle with each other and tightly contract together, becoming the state of felting, which is the basic principle of "wet felt".
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