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Non-woven wallpaper construction method and precautions.

 Non-woven wallpaper also known as non-woven paper wallpaper is a kind of upscale wallpaper/wallpaper, due to using natural plant fiber non-woven technology made more tension, more environmental protection, not moldy yellow, good permeability is the main base material of high quality wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper:

1. Metope treatment
The metope wants to be flat, clean, dry, the color is uniform and uniform, should have no space, convex concave is not equal flaw, the metope before construction should be brushed base film (or varnish) processing.
2. Wallpaper cutting
According to the serial number of the wallpaper will set the wallpaper, measuring the height of the wall, according to the height of the wall above and reserve 5 cm cutting wallpaper, bear in mind that a cutting out a roll of wallpaper, in case of quality problems.
3. Brush wallpaper glue
Stick non-woven cloth wallpaper glue must brush on the metope evenly, thickness is in 2mm can, must not brush the glue directly on the back of nonwoven fabric, more cannot bubble water wet paste. The non-woven cloth is different from other wallpapers, which should be thicker and thicker than other wallpapers, making it less liquid.
4. Wallpaper
Post the non-woven wallpaper in a prearranged sequence.
5. Wall paper cutting.
Need to take the edge of the construction, the specific method is on during the construction, on how many depends on pattern, about 3 cm long, plain non-woven fabric adopts the method of positive and negative paste construction during construction, flowers model after ensure pattern alignment, the overlap with straightedge pressure, cutting, try to avoid in the Yang Angle cutting, lest cause Yang wallpaper become warped edge Angle, make sure the cutting blade when cutting, there shall be no burrs, at the same time pay attention to the strength under the knife, to ensure that a cutting, make a clean break, but also cannot too hurt the surface of the wall.
6. Clean the wallpaper.
After construction, if there is dust on the surface, apply short brush or duster to gently brush, do not wipe with wet towel to cause pollution to expand.
Notes for non-woven wallpaper:
1. After drying the paint coating on the base, the vertical line should be used as the standard, so as to prevent the paper from sticking to the correct position.
2, do not use hard after the wall paper on wall scraper or nylon brush, you should use soft brush to blow gently, by the surface flat of the non-woven fabric, remove air bubbles, wrinkle, don't scrape the glue joint surface, so as to avoid pollution if gets out glue immediately with a dry towel to wipe clean, as far as possible when construction keep hands clean.
3. During the construction, the construction should be checked, and the problems should be stopped immediately to find out the causes and solutions.
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