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The environmental protection value of non-woven cloth bags.

 Non-woven fabric bags can be seen everywhere in life, and the environmental protection value is very big, which is indispensable for life. Non-woven bag issue, everyone can get almost every three to four non-woven bags to go home, will lead to many people in the family is filled with non-woven bag, so the situation of flooding and let many people are puzzled, accumulation of bag so much, at ordinary times to buy food, shopping, what also do not need so many environmental protection bag, there is more direct throw out words is also very unfortunately, at home and take a place to look at upset, also some people thought that sells these extra environmental protection bags to recycling, the result was told that the environmental protection bags not paper or plastic, there is no recycling value, junkyard did not, and even some people because of these environmental protection bag to burn and it directly to the disposable bag when using, just throw it away after use.

Non-woven bags have been on sale since the country implemented the "plastic restriction order", and use environmentally friendly non-woven bags to replace plastic bags that pollute the environment. The environmental protection bag is also the name of environmental protection, and its production cost is low, and the materials produced are new and environment-friendly, so consumers are very fond of it.
Not only consumers, many companies are willing to order such investment environmental protection bag, because businesses can be printed on the environmental protection bags on their company's advertising, company name, logo, etc., and then through some public welfare activities will be distributed to citizens, these environmental protection bag free forming a mobile advertising, let people to promote their products free of charge.
A non-woven bag can only truly reflect its value if it is constantly recycled. The longer it is used, the more its environmental value will be reflected. If because the number of found environmental protection bag in large, and leads to many citizens will be only used once each environmental protection bag, become the disposable use, so environmental protection bags of environmental protection value won't reflect, on the contrary can be worse than might be in plastic bags.
So I hope the government departments should strengthen the management of the market, no longer let is overrun with environmental protection bags, more consumers, if home have enough use environmental protection bags, don't answer the street distributing free non-woven bag, usually go out form the habit of a portable non-woven bag, so you can buy less environmental protection bags.
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