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Clean non-woven products should be careful.

 Non-woven fabrics such as this product we buy after, must be clean nursing, otherwise, it will also gradually lose its quality, will be worse. You can procrastinate for a few days, even once a month, on a clean non-woven fabric, but cleanliness is essential. Maybe you don't know, his way of cleaning is wrong, your behavior may allow the non-woven fabric becomes dry, the potential harm, for so long, so will produce irreparable problem. Here is a brief introduction to the clean knowledge of non-woven fabrics. In non-woven cleaning time, you should pay attention to the use of water is clean, it is best to wash with warm water, to change water to clean after washing, in general, to think of some way to ensure that its cleanliness, wash off the dirt from the inside, not to destroy of non-woven fabric, glossiness is such that it will reduce. In general, you should not be careless when cleaning, and consider the long term.

Non-woven fabrics can win a market. There is a wide range of non-woven fabrics, cloth bags and wallpapers, and more applications in industry. This type of introduction today has more contact with people's lives.
Non-woven products to its own characteristics and advantages in the field of nonwovens kind of industrial textiles to win a certain market, walked out of an upturn in the independent market, is a beautiful beautiful scenery line. However, with the continuous growth of demand and technological progress, the industry has been continuously promoted to a new stage of development.
I hope the above information can bring you some help, thank you for your reading, if there is any need, welcome to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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